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Friday, 23 October 2009 17:18

Georgian Scientific and Research Institute of Power Engineering and Power Structures congratulates Energyonline team on the first edition of the journal.

Brief Background
Georgian Scientific and Research Institute of Power Engineering and Power Structures is one of the oldest organizations in Transcaucasia. The institute’s activity counts more than 80 years.

It could be literally said, that it would be difficult to name any important power structures not only within Georgia and North Caucasus, but within the entire post-soviet space, that have been implemented without participation of the team of Power Engineering Institute.
The institute is also successfully participating in solving scientific side of the problems that Georgian power system faces in the field of construction, exploitation and rehabilitation of the power structures.

National Power Academy, together with Georgian National Power Regulatory Committee and Georgian Scientific and Research Institute of Power Engineering and Power structures jointly founded the body called Science and Power Engineering on the basis of which the scientific and technical journal called Energy was founded. The journal commenced publishing in 1997 and gained well-earned authority among not only Georgian power engineering specialists, but among the specialists of the foreign countries as well. The journal throws light on urgent issues relating to the country’s power industry and on the ways of its solving.

For the expansion of information field, a decision was made to found new regional online journal Energyonline, which would contribute not only to scientific discussions, but would be one of the ways to gain professional knowledge for students and young specialists and make the scope of interests in power engineering field wider.

The journal publishes original scientific articles, scientific reviews, short messages, data bases in the fields of hydro-power engineering, nuclear and thermal power engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, mechanics and automation, informative energy saving technologies, etc.

We hope, that the first edition of our regional journal will contribute to closer cooperation between the scientists and specialists of not only transcaucasian region but of former soviet republics too.
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