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03.02.2010 09:25
Table of Contents
  1. Socar Georgia Gas sold 140 million m3 of commercial gas in Georgia in 2009.
  2. Kazakhstan intends to ship oil to Hungary through Poland.
  3. Finland gave green light to the “north flow”.
  4. Iran will prospect Caspian Sea.
  5. Construction of 400 kW power transmission line Ksani-Razdan will commence by the year 2011.
  6. Rehabilitation of Navtlugi-220 high voltage sub-station has commenced.
  7. Installation of individual metering units in Tsagveri and Bakuriani is underway.
  8. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  9. Government Of Great Britain Issued 45 Million Pounds For The Development of Aero-Engines
  10. Climate change may even affect coffee harvest in Kenya.
  11. Publications.
  12. Design and Installation of Solar Thermal Power Plants.
  13. Activities.

Oil and Gass Socar Georgia Gas Sold 140 Million M3 of Commercial Gas In Georgia In 2009.

Socar Georgia’s daughter company Socar Georgia Gas sold 140 million m3 of commercial gas in Georgia in 2009.



Kazakhstan Intends To Ship Oil To Hungary Through Poland.

As informed by Reuters, representative of Kazakh National Oil Transportation Company – KazTranzOil stated, that Kazakhstan will commence oil shipment to Hungary and Slovakia through Poland rather than through Ukraine.

Under the company’s statement, it will stop oil shipment to Hungary and Slovakia through Ukraine due to misunderstanding with the latter.



Finland Gave Green Light To The North Flow

Environmental organization of Finland approved construction of the North Flow gas pipeline by which it gave way to the project commencement.



Iran Will Prospect Caspian Sea

Iran commenced first prospect drilling in Caspian Sea, and this will be performed with Amid Kabir platform. This statement was made by Hadaiatulag Hamid, director of North Driller Company.

As informed by Iranian media, under the program of Iran National Oil Company, three wells will be drilled initially for the prospect purposes in Caspian Sea.

Target of prospect drilling is to determine the volume of hydrocarbon reserves within the Iran section of Caspian Sea – stated Hamid.



Power Industry Construction Of 400 kW Power Transmission Line Ksani-Razdan Will Commence By The Year 2011.

Construction of 400 kW power transmission line Ksani-Razdan connecting Georgia and Armenia will take place by the year 2011.



Rehabilitation Of Navtlugi-220 High Voltage Sub-Station Has Commenced.

On February 7th, Mr. Alexandre Khetaguri, Energy Minister got acquainted with the progress of rehabilitation works at Navtlugi-220 high voltage sub-station.

Navtlugi-220 high voltage sub-station owned by Georgian State Power System is one of the main system sub-stations supplying power to the capital, Gardabani, Rustavi and its adjacent area.

The sub-station was put into the operation in 1949 and there has been no such a large rehabilitation work conducted since then. 21 switches, up to 100 disconnectors, 7 sets of voltage transformers and 28 sets of current transformers will be replaced at Navtlugi-220. Cable works will also be replace completely and new control and protection systems will be rigged up at the sub-station.



Process Of Installation Of Individual Metering Units In Tsagveri and Bakuriani Is Underway

On February 12th, Mr. Alexandre Khetaguri, Energy Minister attended the event of commencement of installation of metering units in Tsagveri and Bakuriani by EnergoPro Georgia. He also got familiar with the progress of Tsagveri gasification process conducted by JSC Itera Georgia within the scope of President’s program “gas in every village”.

As a result of the above works 661 consumers in Tsagveri and 908 consumers in Bakuriani will have individual metering units satisfying modern European standards. Consequently, they will be able to easily control consumed electricity and will be charged electricity cost based on readings of their individual metering units.



Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Financial crisis put the sales of Chinese solar modules under danger, however the only thing that saved the companies and even made them stronger is low cost of the product and availability at the market.



Government Of Great Britain Issued 45 Million Pounds For The Development of Aero-Engines

Rolls-Royce company and ten Great Britain Universities were issued 45 million pounds for the development of efficient aero-engines. Research projects monitored by Technology Strategy Board are aimed at improving ventilator operation for decreasing fuel consumption and studying new high temperature alloys.



Climate Change Climate Change May Even Affect Coffee Harvest in Kenya

As stated by one of the researchers, climate change may have significant impact on coffee production, which will basically be caused by continuous rains and droughts interfering with coffee grain production and disease control.

For instance, frequent and continuous rains in Kenya within the years of 2007-2008 caused various diseases of coffee grains resulting in reduction of coffee production by 23% in Kenya.




Renewable Energy Sources and Society

Editor: Patrick Devine Rite



Design and Installation of Solar Thermal Power Plants

(manual for engineers and architects)




Solar System Sales and Marketing

February 16th 2010

Mesa, Arizona State, USA.


Planning and Rig Up of Wind Farms

February 22-24 2010

Berlin, Germany



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