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Integrated Coastal Monitoring of Environmental Problems in Sea Region and the Ways of their Solution (ICME) Print E-mail
Thursday, 17 April 2014 16:59


First Steering Committee Meeting and Workshop represented by the countries participating in the grant - Integrated Coastal Monitoring of Environmental Problems in Sea Region and the Ways of their Solution (ICME) won within the EU Black Sea programme was held at theconference room of Georgian Technical University on March 19-20, 2014.The organizer of the above events was Union Science and Energetics (Georgia).

The participants of the Steering Committee Meeting and Workshop  were: Greece – Thessalonika Minicipality, Turkey – Karadeniz Technical University, Armenia – State University of Architecture and Construction and Georgia – union Science and Energetics. Problems relating to the water pollution in the Black Sea ports namely in the ports of Thessalonika, Trapson and Poti were discussed. The main speeker at the meeting was Mr. Shalva Gagoshidze, Full Professor of Georgian Technical University. Mr. Shalva Gagoshidze summarized the first stage of the programme  - monitoring of the water quality, sampling methodology, main results of the research. Mr. Kadir Seyhan, Full Professor of Karadeniz Technical University (Turkey), Mr. Vazha Jamarjashvili, Full Professor of Georgian Technical University, Mr. Elizbar Khatiashvili, leading specialist of TbilTskalGeo, Vaula Tzoumaka, representative of Thessalonika Minicipality and Polikarpos Karkavitsas, Project Manager spoke about the conducted experiments. The representatives of the apparatus of State Minister ofEuropean Integration and Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection participated in the discussions too.They positively evaluated the workshop indicating that it was run in a businesslike, constructive and friendly environment. Upon completing the business part, the guests got acquainted with the sights of the city and prior to leaving they thanked the organizers for the work performed and had discussions about the necessity of the further meetings.




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