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Thursday, 26 December 2019 14:35


L. Khuntsaria

The Digital Transformation Process around the whole world became the basis for the emergence of the digital economy and its rapid development in the later period. We are transitioning towards a digital economy and society. The Digital Economy is sometimes also called the Internet Economy, the New Economy, or Web Economy. Digital transformation unfolds in two faces: Information Technology (IT) and Communication Technology (CT). Faster connectivity, the deployment of the Internet of Things, increasing data flows all rely on continuous investments in communication infrastructure. Leading Telecommunication providers around the world, describe how competition will become more global and more intense as a result of the digital economy.

New Economic Era is accompanied by some negatives – problems about digital inequality, issues on privacy and security, issues of trust within organizations and between people, misunderstandings, linguistic barriers and the entire social gamut of cultural dissimilarities and etc.

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