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Saturday, 17 October 2009 22:11
One of the main priorities of the country’s energy policy is the development of energy infrastructure and maximal development of country’s hydro power potential. Implementation of the above will significantly reduce the dependence on energy import and help to improve energy safety. Georgia, given its geopolitical location, can play significant part at a regional level through the construction of transmission lines with which we may not only reduce the dependence on energy carriers but become a power exporting country.

Number of activities aimed at achieving the above objectives were conducted in Georgian energy sector in 2009.

The Black Sea Regional Power Transmission Line should be mentioned in this regard. This project involves construction of 500/400 kW transmission line between Georgia and Turkey and 1000 mega-voltampere capacity substation with constant current insertion in Akhaltsikhe. Environmental impact assessment and evaluation of the influence on social conditions have been run within the scope of this project. In addition, technical consulting company Fichtner conducts its activities with regard to the preparation of tender papers. It should be noted, that the first tender stage in respect of the line construction has been completed and a company which will commence the construction operations in September has been chosen. The project termination date is estimated to be 2012. The implementation of this project will significantly contribute to the promotion of the region’s energy safety and also ensure its reliability.

Construction of new hydroelectric power plants: Georgia with its rich hydroelectric power potential and liberal legislative base is quite an attractive country for foreign investors. Hence, Georgian Ministry of Energy actively continues the activities relating to the attraction of the investors. The below listed large investment projects are significant in this regard:

Khudoni hydroelectric power plant. It is planned to run feasibility study and complete environmental impact assessment of Khudoni Hydroelectric Power Plant (with 750 MW installed capacity and with 1,5 billion kWh power generation) by the end of 2009 as a result of which it is anticipated to run international tender on the construction of the power plant.

Namakhvani coordinated hydroelectric system. Feasibility study and environmental impact assessment of the coordinated hydroelectric system are ready. Expression of interest (EOI) has been announced on the construction of 450 MW coordinated hydroelectric system on Rioni river (100 MW Zhoneti hydroelectric power plant, 250 MW Namakhvani hydroelectric power plant and 100 MW Tvishi hydroelectric power plant, with 1,6 billion kWh power generation) which will be completed in September this year.

Oni coordinated hydroelectric system. Preliminary feasibility study of Oni coordinated hydroelectric system (Utsera hydroelectric power plant 70 MW, 500 million kWh; Oni hydroelectric power plant 72 MW, 410 million kWh; Sori hydroelectric power plant 134 MW, 622 million kWh, Chanchakhi hydroelectric power plant 3,7 MW, 17,9 million kWh; Garula hydroelectric power plant 2 MW, 8,8 million kWh). It is anticipated to run international tender on the construction of the coordinated hydroelectric system next year. Total installed capacity of the coordinated hydroelectric system will be 282 MW and annual power generation – 1,6 billion kWh.

Georgian government executed memorandums within the scope of the state program “renewable energy 2008” with the following companies:

Caucasus Energy and Infrastructure anticipating the construction of Mtkvari hydroelectric power plant with 42 MW installed capacity and 246 million kWh power generation. Consideration of environmental impact assessment of Mtkvari hydroelectric power plant has been finalized. The construction of the hydroelectric power plant is estimated to commence till the end of this year and the company will invest up to 50 million USD. An estimated construction term is 36 months.

Bakhvi Hydro Power anticipating the construction of 6 MW capacity and 35 million kWh power generating Bakhvi hydroelectric power plant 3 on Bakhvistskali river. The construction f the hydroelectric power plant has already commenced and it is estimated to complete it in 2011. The investment volume makes 10 million USD.

Energy Pro Georgia Ltd. anticipating the construction of Zoti coordinated hydroelectric system. The company will construct coordinated hydroelectric system with the installed capacity of 41,5 MW and power generation of 163,5 million kWh on the rivers Gubazeuli and Kviralas Tskali. The volume of the investments made makes 80 million USD and estimated construction term is 48 months.

Russmetal Ltd. anticipating the construction of 30 MW capacity coordinated hydroelectric systems generating 185 million kWh on Lukhuni Tskali river. The company will invest about 50 million USD within this project.

Georgian Urban Energy Ltd. anticipating the construction of Paravani hydroelectric power plant in Samtskhe-Javakheti region (with the installed capacity of 78 MW and power generation of 425 million kWh). In accordance with the Memorandum executed, the company will invest 100 million USD and complete the plant’s construction in 48 months time.

In case of implementing the above projects, 1700 MW installed capacity and annual power generation of up to 5,5 billion kWh will be added to the system.

The performance of the above activities will contribute to the improvement of the energy safety in the country and also provide the opportunity to the country to achieve progress in economical and political matters.

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