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Tables of Contents

1. Tanner Ylidz - Construction of “South Stream” will not hinder the realization of Nabucco project
2. “ROMPETROL Georgia” has a New General Director
3. JSC Energo-Pro Georgia continues Individual Re-metering of Regions
4. Individual Re-metering Process completed in 5 Villages
5. Shaikh Mohammad launches Dh12b solar power project
6. UK green energy company Ecotricity’s wind output up 18% in 2011
7. U.S. weighs retaliation over Europe carbon tax
8. Publications
9. Events

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Table of Contents

1. Socar Georgia Gas completed the construction of the gas pipeline in Tsinamdzgvriantkari village
2. Breakdown on Georgia's Main Gas Pipeline Results in Suspension of Gas Supply to Armenia
3. Nabuco is ready to connect with other pipelines
4. JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia completed individual re-metering of 16 villages
5. UK government’s Green Deal could fail, warns committee
6. Google's Solar Flair: $94 Million Investment in PV Projects
7. Benefits of U.S. emission rules outweigh costs
8. Climate big picture - no reason not to act
9. Results of UNFCCC 17th Conference for Georgia
10. Publications
11. Events


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Table of Contents

1. The North-South Main Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation Project

2. BP, SOCAR and BOTAŞ concluded ratification of a of Gas transportation document

3. JSC Georgian State Electrosystem continues to pay off the old debts

4. Prime Minister: Energo-Pro Georgia will construct New HPPs in Georgia

5. Mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava attended a annual session of Covenant of Mayors

6. Wind Could Become Brazil's Second Power Generation Source in 2015

7. UN Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa

8. Goga Khachidze Introduced Eenvironmental Education Project Results to Teachers

9. Energy efficiency program for Georgian communities - Energy Bus Project”

10. List of Stationary Sources of Air Pollution 2010

11. Solar Technology


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Table of Contents

1. Natural gas and solar power plant awarded permit from EPA
2. Shell announces Iraq natural gas joint venture gets final approval
3. The construction of the Trunk Pipeline Navtlugi –Saguramo is close to the end
4. Individual Re-Metering Process Completed at Terjola Region Etseri Village 
5. Minister of Energy and Natural Recourses has met with Chinese Journalists  
6. Boeing and Hawai’i BioEnergy to work together on aviation biofuel
7. EU aims to show leadership at Durban talks
8. How climate change will affect NY
9. Publications
10. Events


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Tables of Contents

1. Construction of the Medium-pressure Gas Pipeline was completed in Siktavra village, Imereti region
2. Federal On-Scene Coordinator Approves Gulf Coast Shoreline Clean-Up Completion Plan Milestone Paves Way for Restoration Work
3. The Individual Re-Metering Process of the Village Sabirkendi, Marneuli District is Going On
4. Expression of Interests for the Construction of “Kintrishahesi” is Complete
5. Tbilisi to Host Georgian-Norwegian Energy Forum
6. China to phase out inefficient light bulbs in five years
7. Scotland’s 100% renewable electricity ambition cannot be reached, says report
8. Alstom plans effort to build 6 MW offshore wind turbines
9. Climate change threatens China's crops, warns expert
10. International Conference on Climate Change for the Caucasus
11. Publications
12. Events


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