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The “Libo Group “ was founded on the bases of the 5th construction department of the famous 13th syndicate . The main trend of the company is to conduct constructionalmaintenance works, along with the reconstructive activities. The Quality is key concern for the company! From December 2007 the quality assurance system has been introduced in the office. (ISO 3001:2000 standard), the Libo Group was given the “Georgian Quality Mark”. On April 21st, 2008, the Libo Company received a Golden Star Award from the International Centre for Business Initiatives (BID), as a leading company in a quality control sphere (in accordance with the TQM QC 100 criteria). Consequently, the members of our group take moral and professional responsibility to conduct exclusive projects under the “Libo” brand. Quite often these projects determine the look of our capital and other towns.

Within the past few years, the Development branch of the “Libo Group” has reached particular success. This branch prepares new projects, district plans, studies future construction regions. Owr projects create rational and comfortable environments in the houses and apartments, along with districts and micro districts.
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Question – What is the main idea of your invention?
– The main idea of our invention is a new and efficient way of utilizing energy of water waves. This is one of the important problems in modern technical science.

Question – What are differences of your invention from other ideas and models in this field?
– Our version is different from all existing ideas and models known to us by simplicity of technical implementation: imagine a cable, one end of which is attached to a buoy on the sea, and the other end stretches to the shore. This cable runs in the same direction as the waves, floats on the water’s surface, and can rotate around its own axis. Under these circumstances, we can transfer the mechanical energy of the water waves to the shore.
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